Acacia No. 8Thursday
Acacia No. 3901/13/2024Saturday2:00 PM
Ad Astra No. 130Wednesday
Albert No. 30Wednesday
Albion No. 504/10/2024Wednesday7:00 PM
Alexandra No. 87Thursday
Annapolis Royal No. 33Wednesday
Ashlar No. 107Saturday
Bedford No. 10401/15/2024Monday7:30 PM
C.W. Saunders No. 125Wednesday
Clarke No. 6101/06/2024Saturday2:00 PM
Cornwallis No.9504/20/2024Saturday12:00 PM
Duke of Kent No. 121Saturday
Eastern Light No. 72Wednesday
Eastern Star No. 51Monday
Elm No. 11512/19/2023Tuesday7:00 PM
Equity No. 10601/20/2024Saturday2:00 PM
Eureka No. 42Saturday
Evangeline No. 94Monday
Fairview (Daylight Lodge) No. 12605/15/2024Wednesday12:00 PM
Fellowship No.11201/23/2024Tuesday7:00 PM
Freeport No. 65Thursday
Harmony No. 52Tuesday
Heather No. 124Tuesday
Hillcrest No. 9312/07/2023Thursday7:00 PM
Hiram No.12Thursday
Hudson No. 77Thursday
Ionic No. 73Tuesday
John Albro No. 122Thursday
The Keith No. 16Monday
Keith No. 1702/08/2024Thursday7:00 PM
Keith No. 23Monday
Kentville No. 58Monday
King Edward No. 86Tuesday
King Solomon No. 54Tuesday
Laurie No. 70Monday
Mariners No. 80Wednesday
New Caledonia No. 1104/22/2024Monday6:30 PMDinner 6:30 PM
North Star No. 74Thursday
Norwood No. 13501/18/2024Friday7:00 PM
Philadelphia No. 47Tuesday
Poyntz No. 44Thursday
Prince of Wales No. 29 Tuesday
Queens No. 34Saturday
Royal Sussex No. 6Thursday
Sackville No. 13704/08/2024Monday7:00 PM
The Shore No. 13404/15/2024Monday7:00 PM
Sircom No. 66Thursday
Solomon No. 46Tuesday
Sophia Perennis No. 139Monday
The St. Andrew's of Cape Breton No. 701/16/2024Tuesday7:00 PM*with Sydney No. 84
St. Andrew's No. 103/05/2024Tuesday7:00 PM274th
St. George's No. 20Monday
St John's No. 201/08/2024Monday7:00 PM
St. Margaret's No. 118Wednesday
St. Mark's No. 35Thursday
Stormont No. 96Friday
Sunrise No. 116Saturday
Sydney No. 8401/16/2024Tuesday7:00 PM*with The St. Andrew of CB No. 7
Taylor No. 62Tuesday
The Thistle No. 36Wednesday
Truro No. 43Monday
Tuscan No. 111Tuesday
The Tyrian Youth No. 45Tuesday
Uniacke No. 128Tuesday
Unity No. 4Tuesday
Valley No. 90Wednesday
Virgin No. 3Monday
W.D. Lawrence No. 101 06/12/2023Monday7:00 PM
Wallace No. 76Monday
Welsford No. 2601/11/2024Thursday7:00 PM
Wentworth No. 10804/13/2024Saturday2:00 PM
Western Star No. 5005/14/2024Tuesday7:30 PM
Widow's Son No. 48Tuesday
Wimburn No. 75Wednesday
Woodlawn No. 131Thursday
Zetland No. 9Tuesday
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