Social Media Guidelines for Nova Scotia Freemasons

The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia recognizes that social media has grown exponentially in recent years and has a goal of supporting the regular and extensive use of it. We know that many Brethren regularly connect by Social Media. We as Masons must be mindful that our individual postings not only reflect our own character but that of Freemasonry across this Grand Jurisdiction.

1. To ensure our fraternity represents itself to the highest standards we must self-regulate our Social Media actions by individual restraint.

2. Freemasons must conduct Social Media activities in a way that reflects a positive image of the fraternity.

3. Freemasons must be aware that postings are a permanent record; and therefore should reflect the highest standards of masonic morality and integrity.

4. Postings should not bring discredit to Freemasonry nor should they fit within the definition of Un-Masonic Conduct as defined by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Constitution.

5. There shall never be discussion related to the business and what is discussed within a tyled Lodge.

6. There shall never be discussion related to petitions, applications, background checks, investigation of an applicant, or regarding balloting on an applicant.

7. Before you upload photos/video to Social Media, of Brothers, think about the photo’s content and the consequences of your actions. Obtain the person’s permission to use private images.

8. Anyone who wishes to take photos/videos in lodge must obtain the permission of the Worshipful Master and he is to ask the permission of Brethren if they wish to be photographed.

9. No communication with other Grand Lodges shall take place online. Contact must be conducted through the Office of the Grand Secretary.

10. All photo/video material obtained within a Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia event shall become copyright of the Grand Lodge and may only be distributed with permission of the Grand Master.

11. Only the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Nova Scotia can make authoritative statements on behalf of Nova Scotia Masons.

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Nova Scotia is the absolute Masonic authority in Nova Scotia. You should always be mindful that Social Media activities may invoke penalties as described in the Grand Constitution Chapter V relating to trial, suspension, and/or expulsion for any un-Masonic behavior.

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