Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Officers

Grand Lodge Officers 2018 – 2019

Grand Master  M. W. Bro. James A. Luddington

Immediate Past Grand Master  M. W. Bro. John M. Cody

Deputy Grand Master M. W. Bro. George A. Grant

Senior Grand Warden  R. W. Bro. John R. Dollimount 

Junior Grand Warden R.W. Bro. Alan D. Jarvis

Grand Treasurer M. W. Bro. Harold E. Crosby

Grand Secretary M.W.Bro Daniel G. Campbell

Grand Historian R. W. Bro. Gerald B. Settle

Grand Librarian R. W. Bro. Thomas E. Beckett

Grand Archivist R. W. Bro. Brian C. Loughnan

Grand Lecturer R. W. Bro. Rick D. Crawford

Grand Chaplain R. W. Bro. Gary C. Patterson /span>

Grand Director of Ceremonies R. W. Bro. James M. MacKenzie

Senior Grand Deacon R. W. Bro. Roger I. Bronson

Junior Grand Deacon V. W. Bro. M. Norman Lewis

Grand Superintendent of Works V. W. Bro. Robert D. Bent

Grand Sword Bearer V. W. Bro. J. Quentin Hardy

Grand Standard Bearer V. W. Bro. Jody D. Dodge

Grand Organist V. W. Bro. Andrew T. Grainger

Grand Piper R. W. Bro. Angus D. Tulloch

Grand Pursuivant V. W. Bro. K. Troy Smith

Grand Tyler V. W. Bro. Scott B. MacAskill

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. Stephen W. Trenholm

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. Gunther Achatz

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. Jeffrey J. Bishop

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. David A. Keddy (

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. Lloyd W. Worth

Grand Steward V. W. Bro. Kenneth L. Luddington

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