Early History of Ashlar Lodge No.107

On the evening of January 20, 1948 a number of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons met at the I.O.O. F. Hall, Musquodoboit Harbour for the purpose of considering whether it would be advisable to form a Masonic Lodge at Musquodoboit Harbour under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

Bro. Rev. Karl F. Drew was appointed chairman and Bro. Nelson A. Crawford, Secretary.  The following brethren signed a petition to the Grand Master of Nova Scotia, praying for a Dispensation empowering them to meet as a regular Lodge in Musquodoboit Harbour:

Peter I. Dooks,        Keith #17, Halifax
Donald G. Brown,   Lodge of St. Mark #38, Halifax
Nelson E. Gaetz,         Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
Rev. Roy Phillips,       Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
Nelson A Crawford,   Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
John E Rogers,            Acadia #14, Halifax
Clarence F. McLean,   Athole #15, Halifax
Seymour J. Gates,       Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
Rev. Karl. F Drew,     Nimas #67, Parrsboro
Louis H. Horne,          Cornwallis #95, Dartmouth
Blanchard Brown,       Lodge St. Mark #38, Halifax
Edward R. Warnell,    Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
Newton W. Gates,      Eastern Star #51, Dartmouth
Leonard J. Williams,  Lodge of St. Mark #38, Halifax
Warren H. Shingle,     Livet #607, Penn. U.S.
Percy H Weary,           Cornwallis #95, Dartmouth

The prayer was granted by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

The first regular meeting was held in the I.O.O.F. Hall U.D. Musquodoboit Harbour on June 1, 1948.

The boundary line of Ashlar Circle was discussed and found that it extends westward to a point on the main road about a mile west of Porters Lake Bridge, and includes Middle Porters Lake, Chezzetcook, Seaforth, Gilbraltar.  The Ashlar circle thus extends eastward to junction of road to Clam Bay, with main road and includes Upper Lakeville Head Jeddore, Salmon River Bridge, Ship Harbour Lake, East and West Jeddore, Bayers settlement, Ostria Lake, Petpeswick, Oyster Pond Jeddore, and Musquodoboit Harbour.

This is also eluded to in the E.A. lecture as the point within the circle.

The Lodge U.D. continued to use the I.O.O.F. Hall, Musquodoboit Harbour, throughout the year 1949 during which time 10 new members were initiated along with 3 affiliations.

On July 26, an emergent meeting was held for the purpose of the Consecration of Ashlar Lodge. Proclamations were made in the East by M.W. Bro. J.J. MacIntosh, in the west by M.W. Bro. Reginald V. Harris and in the south by M.W. Bro. A.H. McMillian. Wor. Bro. McMillian also made the presentation of three Gavels during the meeting.

January 6th, 1953 the Installation Ceremonies were held in the I.O.O.F. Hall.  It was decided at this meeting to accept the advice of the Ashlar Building Co., Ltd., and offer six-hundred ($600.00) dollars for Smiths’ Settlement Hall, and on February 3, 1953, it was purchased and a Dispensation read by the Secretary giving us power to hold our meetings in the hall at Smiths’ Settlement.

On June 4, 1953, it was decided by the Brothers of the Ashlar Building Company, to discuss a lot of land to be conveyed by R.B. Williams and Mrs. Lee Smith to the Ashlar Masonic Building Co. Ltd., and also an area to be conveyed to Mrs. Lee Smith by Ashlar Lodge, to make up a square building lot. This is the current site of Ashlar Lodge.

On October 4, 1955, the Dedication of the new Lodge room took place.  The ceremony was conducted by, the Grand Master, and Grand Lodge Officers.

Ashlar Lodge No. 107 is celebrating 65 years of Masonry within the province and we continue to attract new members each year. We have not had a Grand Master from this Lodge but we have had the first Grand Piper, R. W. Bro. Percy Buzza and first Grand Librarian, R. W. Bro. Gordon MacDonald. With the help of Past Grand Historian, R. W. Bro. Thomas Rogers also of Ashlar Lodge we presented the first three bar Lewis Jewel in Nova Scotia to Bro. Brian Jennex of Ashlar Lodge recognising his father and grand father as Masons.

  • Meeting Night: First Tuesday except July & August
  • Meeting Time: 8:00pm
  • Installations Time: Saturday January 6 2018 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Installations Location: Ashlar Masonic Hall, 1 Chestnut Dr., Smiths Settlement
  • Lodge Number: 107
  • Street Address: Ashlar Masonic Hall, 1 Chestnut Dr.
  • Town/City: Smiths Settlement, NS
  • Map for Ashlar No. 107 – Smiths Settlement
  • Secretaries: Andrew Grainger, E-Mail: ashlar107@gmail.com
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