In the years following the end of World War II, Freemasonry in North America grew steadily and Nova Scotia was not excluded from the increase in numbers of freemasons. The surge in popularity was due in part to the return of servicemen and the growing prosperity. Several new lodges were formed, particularly in the environs of Halifax and Dartmouth. Not surprisingly, the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia determined that a new lodge should be created in the St.Margaret’s Bay area, as no lodge existed between the communities of Armdale and Chester. Consequently, a number of local masons met at St. James Church Hall,Boutilier’s Point, on December 13, 1950, to discuss the formation of a new lodge. A petition to form the new lodge was later drawn up and duly signed by 52 area masons. In a matter of a few weeks, St. Margaret’s Lodge (under dispensation) conducted its first meeting at St. James School House, Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, on Wednesday, January 31, 1951, with 59 masons in attendance. The principal officers were Clarence V. Eld, Frederick C. Palmer and O. Graham Dauphinee. The Lodge was duly constituted in August 30, 1951 and received its warrant as No. 118 on the register of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia. Almost from the very outset, the members dreamed of owning their own lodge hall. This was achieved by means of fund- raising events and monetary contributions through the efforts of the members. The members of Mystic Star Chapter, No. 40, Order of the Eastern Star, a sister organization, were an integral part of the fund raising effort and deserve special mention. A building was eventually constructed on land donated by Reuben S. Allen and the first meeting in the new building was held on January 3, 1957.

  • Meeting Night: First Wednesday except July & August
  • Meeting Time: 7:30 pm
  • Installations Time:
  • Installations Location: Masonic Hall, 6384 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd, Head of St. Margaret’s Bay
  • Lodge Number: 118
  • Street Address: Masonic Hall, 6384 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd
  • Town/City: Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, NS
  • Map for St Margaret’s No. 118 – Head of St. Margaret’s Bay
  • Secretaries: William Hardstaff, E-Mail:
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