M. W. Brother Andrew Beeler

MWB Andrew Beeler was born and raised in the north end of Halifax. He attended Dalhousie University where he earned degrees in Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. He was accepted by the Halifax Police department in 1989 and retired in 2020. Brother Beeler worked as a street officer for the majority of his career, but was also a senior trainer for the City, Province and International Association of Police Agencies.

Brother Beeler married his high school sweetheart, Sonya, in 1991 and together they have four adult children, and soon to be 4 grandchildren.

Brother Beeler joined Athole Lodge No. 15 in 1995. He served as Master of Athole in 1999 & 2000, Fairview Lodge No. 126 in 2002, and St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1 in 2010. He served as the Senior Grand Deacon in 2003, DDGM Halifax Dist No.1 in 2016, Grand Librarian in 2020. He has served as Secretary for Athole Lodge from 2004-2008, and again for St. Andrew’s Lodge from 2013-2019.

He has served as the District representative to the Board of General Purposes from 2001-2003, and 2020-2023. He was chair of the Long Range Planning committee in 2003 and served on the Board of the Masonic Foundation for 2002 & 2003. He was appointed the Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of Norway in 2017.

Brother Beeler has been active in both the Scottish and York Rite concordant bodies and has served in leadership roles in both, including; Thrice Puissant Grand Master (Lodge of Perfection), High Priest (St. Andrew’s Chapter #2), and Commander in Chief (Nova Scotia Sovereign Consistory). 





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