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The New Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Website offers these improvements for our users:

1. More use of site graphics, many of the pictures, icons and logos have clickable links to more information.
2. New pictures showing all age groups within our fraternity and updated page designs.
3. Better methods of finding individual Lodges in our jurisdiction both by their locations and when lodges meet on what days and weeks.
4. Interactive maps to lodges which provide directions and photos of lodge.
5. We have kept individual Lodge pages like the old site but with new lodge pictures and eliminating outdated material.
6. Better Calendar for both the Grand Master and individual Lodges and Concordant body events.
7. Improved Links to the Grand Lodge social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channel
8. Better communication channels using site specific online forms.
9. Easier Password resetting for members who forget their passwords.
10. Far less clutter in pages and use of drop down menus to speed navigation
11. Easy clear loading pages speeding up usage for users on dial-up and slower internet connections. Common in several areas of the province.
12. No member’s personal information contained on site for better security of our members.
13. Quick easy navigation to the Nova Scotia Freemason magazine.
14. New secure Masonic education resource page with easy to use thumbnail navigation.
15. New site is compatible on all media devices Computers, Tablets and Cell phones.
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