“Most Worshipful the Grand Master of Masons of Nova Scotia James A Luddington” 


Most Worshipful Immediate Past Grand Master of Mason’s in Nova Scotia

Most Worshipful Brother John Cody
Past Grand Masters

Our Visitors in our Most Distinguished East

Brethren All

Ladies and Gentlemen

I humbly accept this great honour you have bestowed upon me by electing me as your Grand Master. When I began my Masonic career I never dreamed that I would be standing here at a Grand Communication as your Grand Master. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in me.

I would like to thank the elected and appointed Officers for accepting their positions, each of you are members of our team and I will need your support. I would like to thank the Grand Secretary, Most Worshipful Brother Dan Campbell, the office staff Pat Richards and Sonya Beeler for their assistance and support over the last three years and their continued support over the next year.

I would like to thank Most Worshipful Brother Carson Jackson and his Installation team for all the hard work in organizing and performing this excellent Installation here this afternoon.

I would also like to thank my wife Anna and my family for the encouragement and support in the past. I know that you will be an important part of my upcoming year.

It is my intention to carry on all of the initiatives started by the last several Grand Masters. The Long Range Planning Committee have finished their report and there were a number of motions put forward at the BOGP that will begin the process to bring our Grand Lodge into this century and beyond. I am very excited to see some of these plans implemented this year. There is a lot of work to be done and I cannot promise that it will all be completed during my year. But I will work tirelessly and openly to hopefully make this Grand Lodge better and stronger. I think if we all think about the obligation we took while kneeling at the altar, and we do all we can to live up to that obligation, we can stop the decline in membership and have our fraternity shine as a beacon to all. When I was on my way into New Minas the other day I passed a church and there was sign out front that said religion is not a step into the dark but a step into the light. I thought about that phrase for a minute and thought how true that is, I then thought how it applies to Masonry too. So I thought what a great Motto for the year “Masonry a step into the light” so let us all step into the light.

I ask for your support and ask you to remember there is much happiness in making others happy despite our own situations. If you want to feel rich, just count all the things money cannot buy. Today is a gift, that is why we call it the present.

In closing I want to offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation to each of you for what you are going to do this year in support of our Grand Lodge. Remember it is you who are the Grand Lodge and your Grand Master and other Grand lodge Officers are here to support and guide you. Thank you one and all and May the Great Architect to the Universe bless all of you and keep you safe on your journeys home.


James A Luddington

Grand Master


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