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Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia

The mission of the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia is to encourage the active practice of the Masonic Principles of Benevolence and Charity, and to promote a positive image of Freemasonry in the Community.

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Introduction To The Masonic Foundation

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An Introduction to the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia

Charity is a Cornerstone of the Freemason’s way of Life

The mission of the Masonic Foundation is to encourage the active practice of the Masonic Principles of Benevolence and Charity and to promote a positive image of Freemasonry in the Community.

Charity is often seen as the public face of Freemasonry. Freemasons’ charity in Nova Scotia is best known through benevolence, care for the aged, hospitals, learning centres for dyslexic children, and financial support for students pursuing higher education; but there is much more being done than is generally recognized.

It is a little known fact that Freemasons’ work is widely applied to the general public and most often directed at non-Masonic causes. While all Freemasons’ Lodges throughout the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia practice charity in their own right, the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia is the body mainly responsible for the management and distribution of money for charitable purposes; including benevolent assistance given through the Assisted Home Program and shared funding with Lodges pursuing local community and bursary programs. The Foundation’s Fund used for these endeavours is the result of the donations of Freemasons by direct giving and income from investments.

The work of the Foundation is of great significance to all Freemasons in Nova Scotia and charitable giving is a privilege taken very seriously. As a purely private organization Freemasons are proud to be working quietly within their communities for the benefit of those less fortunate. However, this gives us no right to be complacent with our results. We all strive to be just a little more involved in our community quietly providing help where we can and providing financial support to worthy charitable causes.



In keeping with the Masonic mission to practice charity, to provide financial assistance to worthy grade twelve students who will pursue a post secondary education leading to a degree from an approved institution in Atlantic Canada or a diploma or certificate from a Community College and to raise the public profile of the Masonic Fraternity; in particular among the young adult population from whom our future membership will come.


Year Value Year Value Year Value
1994 18,050 2002 89,746 2010 91,600
1995 25,475 2003 84,695 2011 92,000
1996 26,957 2004 94,445 2012
1997 30,450 2005 89,338 2013
1998 31,200 2006 92,958  2014  95,150
1999 31,205 2007 92,958    
2000 71,600 2008 69,448    
2001 71,230 2009 97,398    

Total to date: $1,491,803.00 


The Shared Funds Program enables Masons through their Lodge or District Associations with financial assistance from the Foundation, to meet a social or financial need within their community. Lodges or Districts must initiate the program by first identifying a community need, determining the cost and then applying to the Foundation for funding.

Within any community there are a wide range of programs that will meet the criteria for shared funding, as much as possible, Shared Funds Programs should be directed to community based registered charities. 


Although Foundation administered programs require no Lodge financial participation, Lodges or individual Masons may submit proposals for Foundation funding to deserving organizations under this category. To be eligible for funding, the organization must be a registered charitable organization and provide service on a province wide, or near to a province wide basis.

For more information regarding the Masonic Foundation, contact us.

Members may obtain full detailed information by accessing the Masonic Foundation folder in the members download area.

Web Site: under construction: http://masonicfoundationofnovascotia.ca/?q=node/3

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